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Creativity is to discover a question that has never been asked. If one brings up an idiosyncratic question, the answer he gives will necessarily be unique as well.
Reyf's Keratin House
Unique hair reconstruction and
straightening author's courses
I make masters rich and successful
I'll teach you how to earn from 150,000₽ per month
Collaboration with global brands
12 areas of
100+ author
6000+ online
school students
20000 students
per year
Elena Reyf
Technologist №1 in the CIS
Convinient format of training for you: online or in our studio
"Education is the best investment in yourself and your future!
Therefore, successful people never stop learning!
Remember: you either progress and grow — or regress
and degradation! "
Coach & Speaker Elena Reyf
About me
Elena Reyf
Coach & Speaker
Technologist №1 in the CIS
Speaker of International exhibitions in beauty industry
Partner and official representative
Founder of a successful brand
REYF INC (in Yekaterinburg and Moscow)
Art-director of the «Reyf's Keratin House»
Statistic and facts
of the first accredited schools in the
Russian Federation State diplomas
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statistic and facts
Our graduates become successful, open their studios and salons, earn
hundreds of thousands ₽ a month!
group trainings per month
students per year
Studying in Moscow
Studying in the studio
(in Group)
I stage
Studying in the studio
I stage
Studying in the studio
with Elena Reyf
(in Group)
II stage
Studying in the studio
with Elena Reyf
II stage
Обучение в студии
с Еленой Рейф
(в группе)
II ступень
Keratin straightening:
All types of hair modification
Nanoplastics — The Most
discussed procedure, around
which a huge number
Botox: So in the end what is it —
treatment, recovery or
the same as keratin ?!
Ampoule Botox + IR
How to sell coldrecovery?
And what is hisfunctional in
hair treatment?
Advanced training
Stage II
Elena Reyf's author's course
The date of the nearest author's course: 14 november
Studying in Yekaterinburg
Studying in the studio
(in Group)
I stage
Studying in the studio
I stage
Advanced training (II stage) is carried out only in the Moscow city
Current schedule for august 2021
Nearest dates:
1.08 — Ekaterinburg
21-22.08 — Moscow
Online webinars
Actual schedule for august
We issue a certificate after each training
Hurry up to sign up in advance
Elena Reyf's team
Kseniya Miller
Evgeniya Shevchenko
Who needs our
training products
Beauty masters
Who work with guests and
want guests returned to them
Experienced masters
Who want to increase number
of guests, secure a tight
record regardless season and
increase your income
For salon owners
and the managers
To tell your masters, know what
moments to controland what
to look for
To everyone who works
in service sector
Fitness centers, spa, clinics,
and all those who
understands the importance
service and its impact on
income and return
To the masters who
work for themselves
To cut costs to attract new
guests and comfortable work
with the existing guest base
Anyone who wants
to raise qualifications
New products help go to the
next level knowledge and
provide decent services for
high level
What they say about us
Why choose
our courses
Work in our field is always was relevant and attractive.

Think for yourself - do your favorite work, you create beauty, you earn 100 - 150 thousand in the first months of work ...
More fun than sitting out your pants
in the office, right? ⠀⠀

If you are ambitious and want to teach -I suggest doing it right now.
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